Monday, July 6, 2015

Visit to the Austin STEM Academy in Texas!

Earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of visiting the Austin STEM Academy for preschools in Austin, Texas.  Gina Morales is the owner and director, and she has such a great vision!  It is her hope to eventually open an Elementary STEM school for students in Austin, and I have no doubt that she will accomplish that goal.

I had such a great trip and learned so much about their curriculum, their philosophy, and how they work their day.  They incorporate Spanish lessons and Yoga into their daily routine, and they only nap the children if that is part of their regular home schedule.  I loved this progressive thinking!

Let me give you some examples of their curriculum and what they were learning about.  The do not have weekly or monthly themes, but this year, their theme has been Science, divided into three units; Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science.  During my visit, they were learning about bees, and here is some of what they have done so far:

  • Learned about pollination including eating Cheetos (the children then transferred the orange stuff, aka "pollen," onto a "leaf")
  • Watched videos about live bumblebees
  • Learned about the stages of bee development (egg, larvae, pupa, bumblebee)
  • Read stories about bees
  • Charted about bee hives and their purpose
  • Had discussions about Queen Bees
  • Did art projects with bees
  • Sang songs about bees
  • Included bee positions in their yoga lesson
  • Programmed an electronic "Bee-Bot" (a robot bee) with a hive map!
The lessons were fun, and touched on most of the STEM concepts.  It was a great visit - Thank You Austin STEM Academy!  Enjoy the rest of the pictures from my visit!

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